Morten Kaltoft

Vision Purpose Belief Power Skill

Let's talk about it.

I'm still looking for it to be fair - I think we all are. But I think my purpose is something along the lines of making people around me happy and be as creative as possible.

Actually I don't think purpose exists other than what we believe it is. And that's fine with me. That means we can shape our life to be whatever makes sense to us as individuals.

Everyone should push themselves every day. Take a chance, throw a dice. There's never much to lose but everything to win.

We don't need to justify every decision - "just because" is sometimes enough - but the motive should always be to improve total happiness.

Real power is to be able to make a decision purely based on what makes you happy. Hopefully helping others makes you happier than doing something selfish. And if that's the case it would be selfish of you to help others - and with that being said go ahead and be selfish.

In the end it's all about you. Whatever you trying to do with your life is your decision.

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live,
it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

If your goals mean something to you they will always be at the center of attention. Take a break - go travel, meet new faces, get inspired. Do whatever makes you happy. Happiness is the only currency – and power is making a decision with that in mind.

I conceptualize, design and develop progressive applications for both web and mobile.

My main focus is on building custom solutions. I take pride in the artform and love making something unique.

Everything I build is custom from the ground up which helps me emphasize on brand value, load-time and user experience. For serious businesses that want to set themselves apart from the rest, a custom solution is to be prefered as it's tailored specifically to their needs. There's also no excessive options to confuse users nor any bloated code to slow down load-time - which are some of the common downsides of going with a generic solution.